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Missouri 8 Ball Player Notes:

Players that past away and we will miss playing with in the future:
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Ronda Lynn Day ~ Oct. 10, 1956 July 9, 2011
Tom Arcobasso - July 2011

Wendell Tole - 2011
Rich Folks - 2010
Bob Strachan - 2010

Robert "Bob" Buck Oct. 2009

Tina Wiedner - 07-01-09

Walt 'Red' Penrod - 12-31-08
Ray Olliges - 2008

Morris "Mo" Carlton - Feb. 2007
Bert Wethington - Nov. 2007
Steve Brown - Dec. 2007
Gene Burgin - Nov. 2006

Ben Wanner 6/24/2006

Gene Burgen - 2005
Chris Auclair 2004

Bob Bohn 2004

Missouri 8 Ball, Nine Ball and Dart League player accomplishments:

MO9 Ball player Ron Hasty - Medal of Valor 2006


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