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[Right-Click] on any PDF, Zip file or spreadsheet link below to : "Save Target As..."
Missouri 8 Ball software below. Excel .xls
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Note: Excel spreadsheets listed below are written for Excel .xls files.
.PDF files will work with any version of Acrobat

Updated Excel Spreadsheet September 8th 2013 to track 9 players (Right-Click) and "Save target As..." to your PC to use. (Help in comments)

Click on these Tabs to see what the team spreadsheet looks like. Fill in all startup information that will link to all TABs All contact info is linked from the Name-Sched TAB The Roster TAB is where you fill in weekly results: Player Wins-Loss-Paid - Handicaps and Forfeit wins-loss Print this sheet out and keep in MO8 envelope so players can mark weeks they can't play (scheduling) Print this sheet and cut out credit card size season schedules for players. Click on any week and if scheduling is correct in Name-Sched TAB your sheets will print Home and Away in the right position.

Note: Help is available on any cell that has a red triangle in the upper right corner (Move your mouse to that cell to read)

Save the downloaded spreadsheet to your hard drive as a different name each season. Example:  Mo8Monday.xls
Fill in all of the text in red and the data will flow to the weekly sheets.

  • Fill in the player names, date league started, Away or Home (A or H)
  • When you fill in the starting date the week dates below will update also.
    If a week is skipped: Double click in the cell to edit and add: +7 to adjust.
    AdjustDate.gif (1387 bytes)
  • Note: Most team names, addresses & phone numbers are located in columns I, J and K as below. 


TeamData.gif (6663 bytes)


  • You can copy them to columns E, F and G as below with no typing
    Note: Delete the unused names, teams and phone# if less than 14 teams by typing an ' in that cell.
  • Copy and Paste key help can be found here: Help Page

TeamData2.gif (5475 bytes)


  • The spreadsheet above will print out the weekly sheets with the player names, bar names, dates and week numbers after the Name-Sched tab is filled out.
  • You can print pocket schedules for your players with no additional typing by clicking on the Print this sheet and cut out credit card size season schedules for players. tab in Excel.
    PocketSchedule.gif (8904 bytes)
          Week -  Date -
    Home/Away - Team to play


Missouri 9 BALL: Missouri 9 Ball League: If you like the idea of playing two different league types in the same week to MO8 play MO8 and MO9 Ball

MO9 Players play 2 games when drawn - 4 Player team - Race to 17

MO9 normally will finish earlier than the MO8 Normally a 7:15 pm league.


  • September 3rd 2007 Missouri 9 Ball Weekly score sheet only This PDF can be used for any Missouri 9 Ball Team to print score sheets with your team information. Open the file MO9ScoreSheet.pdf with the free "Acrobat Reader" Get the free Acrobat Reader HERE if you cannot read PDF files.  When you open the file, you can add or edit any Team Names, Player Names, Player Ratings, etc. After editing, save the file as your team name and print it to use for your weekly score sheets. Fill in one as HOME and a second one as AWAY and save as different filenames. When opened (If your Adobe software allows) it can be edited if any information changes. [PDF]

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