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Missouri 8 Ball and Nine Ball

64th Tournament Pictures Spring 2007

Read Jay's 64th Results

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MO8 Top Player
Rich Sager
MO9 Top Player
Sam Bevell
[Captains names are Bold]

4 Player Missouri 9 Ball (Race to 17 - 7:15 pm) Play 2 games/per round.


1st Place Champions - JP's #1

Missouri 9 Ball Photo



 Sam Bevell

 Justin Willenbrink

 Ed Medlock

 Shane Launius

 Mark Wieland
 Roger Pheasant

2nd Place Team - Pardella Club

Missouri 9 Ball Photo



 Dave Pope

 Judy Pope

 Steve Pope

 Joe Lopez

 Nick Lopez

4 Player Missouri 8 Ball (Race to 9 - 5:15 pm)

1st Place Champions - Just One More

Missouri 8 Ball Photo


Mike Rose
Adam Argo
Dean Peters
Mike Welker
Steve Tyler
Eric Hill
2nd Place Team - Ten Mile House
Missouri 8 Ball Photo

Jeff Treacy
Larry Hand
Ken Mayer
Dave Schiele


5 Player Missouri 8 Ball (Race to 11 - 7:15 pm)

1st Place Champions - Fandango's
Missouri 8 Ball Photo


Bill Harwell
Mike Devers
John Porter
James Snider
Mike Wills
Kenny Wills
Brendan Sullivan
Jeff Baird
2nd Place Team - Classics

Missouri 8 Ball Photo


Uncle Pete Mocca

Joe Lombardozzi

Joe Rogers

Guy Tinker

Dave Bastien

James Adkison


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