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Next All-Star Dates
Allstar: Sat. March 24th 2018

Team Champ: Sat April 7th 2018


Playoff Dates for tournaments will be added above ASAP to help you plan vacations around tournaments so you won't be short players on your team to help you plan vacations in the future for Championship and All-Star dates.

MO8 Past Team/Allstar Information

UPCOMING Doubles Tournament
Sunday Dec 11th 2016

Doubles results played 4/26/14
Doubles play in Spring and Fall Sessions.

Scotch Doubles tournament information will be normally be in your envelope by week 4.

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Area Flyers Spring 2018:

N County/Airport

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St. Charles


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"Missouri 8 Ball is the Largest Pool League in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.


Attention: Bars that have Missouri 8 Ball teams좲> These are the only people authorized to pick up team envelopes.

Leage operator.
Rusty Brandmeyer

Dustin Brandmeyer

Dustin Brandmeyer


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